Allegheny County Street Name Standards


Numbered streets will be in number format, not spelled out - ex 3rd, 5th.

Street Directions - N, S, E, W

  • Streets that have both a N/S or E/W in them are considered to have directions.
  • Streets with a direction do not have the direction spelled out.
  • That direction must be included in the street name when searching.
    Ex: if searching for N Braddock Ave, you must type the N in the street name field. If Braddock is only typed in the street name field, result will not be shown for anything on N Braddock.
  • Streets that have the words North, South, East, or West as part of their street name and not necessarily a direction have that spelled out.
    Ex: West Liberty Ave - there is no coinciding East part of Liberty Ave, therefore West Liberty is the street name and W is not the direction of the street.

Common Spacing and Spelling Restrictions

  • Saint will be spelled out
  • Fort will be spelled out
  • Mount will be spelled out
  • O'Donnell will be ODonnell - no apostrophe
  • Mc Kane will be McKane - no space
  • De Mare will be DeMare - no space
  • Heights will be spelled out if in the street name
  • Right of Ways will be R of W
  • State Route and Route (followed by appropriate number) should always be spelled out. Do not use Rte or SR.
  • Street Names should not be abbreviated
  • There may be occasions where a property that is on a State Route may have the State Route # or a street name. This is a case where there is no specific restriction on the data.