Legend for the Appeals Tab

Status Description
Appeal Entered and Accepted The appeal has been received and is waiting to be scheduled.
Reviewer Approved Hearing officer has reviewed and noted all applicable evidence.
Board Member Approved Board Member has reviewed hearing officer recommendations and authorizes for Full Board Member review.
Full Board Approval The value has been approved by the full board and posted to the assessment system. A Notice of Appeal Disposition (result) will be mailed to the interested parties. When applicable, a value change document is sent to all taxing bodies (County, School District and Municipality) to adjust the market value accordingly.
Did Not Appear The appellant(s) did not appear for the scheduled hearing. Appeal file is closed.
Past Deadline The appeal was filed after the filing deadline and is rejected
Appeal Withdrawn The appeal has been withdrawn by the appellant. No hearing will be scheduled.
At Board of Viewers An appeal has been filed at the Board of Viewers - Court of Common Pleas and is pending a hearing. No hearing will be conducted at the Board of Property Assessment Appeals.
BOV Closed An appeal filed at the Board of Viewers - Court of Common Pleas is concluded.
Suspend Pending Review The appeal has been received but property owner has noted data errors that need to be verified and corrected before hearing can be scheduled. Hearing will be scheduled when necessary updates are complete. No further action required by property owner.

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