Building Sketch - Code Key

The following is a list of the codes, with definitions, used on the sketch page

1SB1 story Mas/Fr 1SF1 story frame
1SM1 story masonry 1SS1 story stone
2HB2nd and half story Mas/Fr 2HF2nd and half story frame
2HM2nd and half story masonry 2HS2nd and half story stone
2SBUpper story Mas/Fr 2SFUpper story frame
2SMUpper story masonry 2SSUpper story stone
2TB2nd and 3/4 story Mas/Fr 2TF2nd and 3/4 story frame
2TM2nd and 3/4 story masonry 2TS2nd and 3/4 story stone
3HB2nd 3rd + half story Mas/Fr 3HF2nd 3rd + half story frame
3HM2nd 3rd + half story masonry 3HS2nd 3rd + half story stone
3SB2nd and 3rd story Mas/Fr 3SF2nd and 3rd story frame
3SM2nd and 3rd story masonry 3SS2nd and 3rd story stone
3TB2nd 3rd + 3/4 story Mas/Fr 3TF2nd 3rd + 3/4 story frame
3TM2nd 3rd + 3/4 story masonry 3TS2nd 3rd + 3/4 story stone
4SB2nd 3rd and 4th story Mas/Fr 4SF2nd 3rd and 4th story frame
4SM2nd 3rd and 4th story masonry 4SS2nd 3rd and 4th story stone
AE1Aerial walkway AT3Atrium (cover only)
AT4Atrium ( walls) BA1Basement Unfinished
BA2Basement Finished BA3Basement Extension
BC1Bank canopy - drive in BE2Bank vault, record storage
BH1Bleachers BL1Balcony
BL9Balcony Other BN1Balcony
BSMFull Basement (conv main bldg) BT1Basement Top
BXTBasement Extension BY1Bay Area Frame
BY2Bay Area Brick BY9Bay Area Other
BZ1Breezeway Open BZ2Breezeway Enclosed
BZ9Breezeway Other CF1Cooler-chiller 35-40 degrees
CP1Carport Frame CP2Carport Brick
CP3Carport Stone CP5Canopy (Only)
CP6Canopy - roof over slab CP9Canopy-service station-good
CR1Self-serve car wash - Frame CR2Self-serve car wash - Brick
CR3Automatic car wash - Frame CR5Drive-thru modular - Frame
CRWCrawl Space (conv main bldg) CY1Canopy Frame
CY2Canopy Metal CY3Canopy Over Patio
CY4Canopy Over Stoop CY9Canopy (Roof over MH)
EE1Enclose Entry GH1Res Greenhouse Typical
GH9Greenhouse Other GR1Garage Frame/Equal
GR2Garage Brick GR3Garage Stone
GR4Garage Basement GR5Garage Integral
GR9Garage Other GZ1Gazebo Frame
GZ9Gazebo Other HSBHalf story Mas/Fr
HSFHalf story frame HSMHalf story masonry
HSSHalf story stone LD3Loading Dock, Enclosed
LP3Patio, Concrete LP6Patio Flagstone Concrete Base
LP7Patio - Brick MS1Miscellaneous Structure
OA1Open Areas OA2Open Area, High Rise Apart. or
OA3Open Area, Apt., Hotel OA5Open Area, Industrial or Wareh
PBMPartial Bsmt (conv main bldg) PBSPartial Bsmt (conv main bldg)
PC1Portico PO1Porch - Open - Frame
PO2Porch - Enclosed - Frame PO3Porch - Open Upper - Frame
PO4Porch - Enclosed Upper- Frame PO5Porch - Open - Masonry
PO6Porch - Enclosed Masonry PO7Porch - Open Upper - Masonry
PO8Porch - Enclosed Upper - Mason PR1Porch Frame - Open
PR2Porch Frame - Enclosed PR3Porch Masonry - Open
PR4Porch Masonry - Enclosed PR5Portico
PR9Porch Other PT1Patio Concrete
PT2Patio Brick PT3Patio Stone
PT4Patio Wood PT9Patio Other
RC1Carport RG1Garage, 1 Story, Att. Frame
RG2Garage, 1 Story, Att. Masonry RG3Garage, 2 Story, Att. Frame
RG4Garage, 2 Story, Att. Masonry RS1Utility Building, Frame
SH1Shed Frame SH2Shed Brick
SP1Indoor Swim Pool SP3Indoor Swim Pool Other
ST1Stoop Masonry ST2Stoop Brick
ST3Stoop Stone ST9Stoop Other
TR3Terrace Stone TSB3/4 story Mas/Fr
TSF3/4 story frame TSM3/4 story masonry
TSS3/4 story stone TU1Tunnel
USFUpper story frame USMUpper story masonry
USSUpper story stone WD1Wood Deck
WD9Wood Deck Other