Parcel ID : 0710-B-00183-0000-00 Municipality : 932 Ohio
Property Address : 114 BRIGHTON DR

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Net Tax Due April 30, 2020 $877.48
Gross Tax Due May 31, 2020 $895.39
Millage Rate: 4.73  
Taxable Market Value: $189,300 *
Code and Line: 932  00116 8  

Pay Taxes Online or mail payments to:

John K. Weinstein, County Treasurer
Room 108 Courthouse
436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2497

*Homestead exclusion applied

 YearPaid StatusTaxPenaltyInterestTotalDate Paid

Important Notice

The data viewed on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a true and final certified account summary for property closings. Payments posted to the current tax year file may be removed at any time during that year pending proof of erroneous payment. Furthermore, payments found to be insufficient may be removed within 45 days of posting. The actual proof of payment of all real estate taxes belongs to the owner of record.

A four (4) year tax certification bearing the official seal of the Allegheny County Treasurer's Office that verifies payment can be obtained from the Treasurer's Office (412-350-4100). A $25.00 fee is required for each property certification requested.

In 1997 and 1998, Allegheny County sold certain real estate tax liens to GLS Capital, Inc. For information, contact GLS Capital, Inc. at (412) 672-7200.

**PLEASE BE ADVISED that Allegheny County has appointed Jordan Tax Service, Inc. to collect delinquent/liened Allegheny County real estate taxes which have not been sold to GLS. Pursuant to County Ordinance 02-04-OR, a collection commission of ten percent (10%) plus postage and other collection charges, expenses, and fees are recoverable as part of the taxes collected: (1) for tax years 2004 and prior; and (2) for tax years 2005 and after if not paid-in-full by December 31 of the year the taxes first became due and payable.

For payment amount or information concerning delinquent/liened Allegheny County real estate taxes, please contact Jordan Tax Service, Inc. at (412) 835-5243.